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Tif is an installation, creating an encounter between metronomes and movements of the shore—where human-imposed rhythms and environmental factors interact. The metronome is at once a promise of reliability and a wind vane.

"I place a metronome on the rocks, right by the shoreline. The day is windy and grey, the waves riding at a steady pace, similar and dissimilar to the metronome. I am interested in the meeting point of human-imposed patterns of movement and rhythm with natural elements, comprising layers of continuity."

Each  metronome emits a different tempo, allowing the audience to measure the pace of their own body against the beat. The sound from each metronome contributes to a soundscape of the whole, taking into account the sound of the waves, wind, chatter and traffic. A meeting point for various sounds  is created as the audience gathers in a shared moment of listening.



Installation by Sóley Frostadóttir
First presented at Plöntutíð, 2023.

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