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Through her work, Sóley Frostadóttir explores the ways in which we experience embodiment.  Whether through the dancer's body or our own.  She plays with its limits and its presence.  Even though the dancer is absent we experience colors, sound, silence and darkness through our own body.

Sóley Frostadóttir works as a choreographer and editor. She graduated with a BA in Contemporary Dance Practices from Iceland University of the Arts in 2017, an MFA in Performing Arts in 2022, and holds an MA in Editing and Publishing from the University of Iceland in 2021. In her MA studies in publishing, she specialised in art magazines, artist books, and other publications. Sóley works across disciplines and has presented her work in Mengi and Kúlan at Reykjavík Dance Festival, Reykjavík’s Children Culture Festival, Plöntutíð, Midpunkt, Gerðarsafn, Reykjavík Art Museum, and Ásmundarsalur.

In addition to her work as a choreographer, Sóley has taught ballet, choreography, and dance history. In 2020, she published the first edition of Dunce, an annual magazine on choreography and performance art, in collaboration with Print & Friends. Sóley took part in the project Goethe Morph* Iceland in 2022 as curator of documentation and contributor of an artist statement.





2021 - 2022    MFA Performing Arts - Iceland University of the Arts

2019 - 2021     MA Editing and Publishing - University of Iceland

2013 - 2017     BA Contemporary Dance - Iceland University of the Arts 

2012 - 2013     Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

2011 - 2012      Literature - University of Iceland

2010                  Northern Ballet School

2007 - 2010    Klassíski Listdansskólinn




2023        Tif - Plöntutíð

2022        Container - Black box, IUA

2022        Pull - Boreal Screendance Festival, Akureyri

2021         Pull - The National Theatre experimental night - Reykjavík Dance Festival

2020       Festa/ Anchor - choreographed for FWD Youth Company - Museum Night, Reykjavík Art Museum       

2020       Ceremony I - Ásmundarsalur

2019         Log - Með líkamann að vopni - Midpunkt

2019         Ceremony I - Gerðarsafn and Midpunkt

2019         Litmynd - Children’s Culture Festival

2017         A Discourse on Embodiment - Choreo-Talks - Reykjavík Dance Festival

2017         Something Temporal - Smiðjan IUA

2016         Birting - Smiðjan IUA

2013         Milk or Sugar - Artist Run Space - Vienna





2022        Container - Black Box, IUA

2021         Pull - The National Theatre experimental night - Reykjavík Dance Festival

2019         Documentary on dancers by Niki Noves 

2019         Woman Landscape: Takeover - Tjarnarbíó by Anna Kolfinna Kuran

2017         A Guide to the Perfect Human - Tjarnarbíó by Gígja Jónsdóttir and Guðrún Sigurjónsdóttir

2017         Something Temporal - Smiðjan IUA





2023       Chapter for the Iceland Dance Company's 50-year anniversary in Dunce III - writer and editor

2023       Dunce 3d issue - Editor-in-chief and publisher

2023       Tif - Artist book, Plöntutíð

2022       RDF Zine -Editor and publisher of an anniversary publication for Reykjavík Dance Festival

2022       Alterations: the Horizontality of a Body at Rest and the Verticality of a Body in Motion - online artist book for Goethe                       Morph* Iceland

2022       Goethe Morph* Iceland - Author and curator of documentation

2021        Pull - artist book

2021        Reykjavík Art Book Fair - Curator for Reykjavík Dance Festival’s selection of artist books

2021        Dunce 2nd issue - Editor-in-chief and publisher

2021        Ástarbréf til Sigvalda - Editor - Photography book by Loji Höskuldsson - Grazie Press 

2020       Dunce magazine 1st issue - Editor-in-chief and publisher

2020       Vinnubók I - Copy editor - Research project on artist books IUA 

2020       Möndulhalli - Editor - Collection of short stories - Published by Una útgáfuhús




2022           Mentor and lecturer in independent practice in choreography for Forward Youth Company

2021            Evaluator for graduation works from Contemporary Dance Practices - Iceland University of the Arts

2021 -         Dance history teacher - Hamrahlíð College

2013 - 21    Ballet and choreography teacher - Dansgarðurinn

2018            Dans fyrir alla - assistant teacher - contemporary dance for refugees

2018            Ballet for adults - Kramhúsið

2017 - 18    Dans fyrir alla - creative dance in preschools and choreography in primary schools





2021             Member of selection committee - Gríman performance awards

2020 -        Board member - Reykjavík Dance Festival

2019 - 20   Member of selection committee - Gríman performance awards





2022       IETM Campus Berlin on managerial competences for international collaboration in the performing arts field

2017         Saga Sigurðardóttir

2017         Marble Crowd at K3 Hamburg

2016        CPYB Ballet Teachers Workshop

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