Through her work, Sóley Frostadóttir explores the ways in which we experience embodiment.  Whether through the dancer's body or our own.  She plays with its limits and its presence.  Even though the dancer is absent we experience colors, sound, silence and darkness through our own body.  


Sóley Frostadóttir graduated with a BA in contemporary dance from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2017.  She previously studied at SEAD in Salzburg and at Northern Ballet School in Manchester.  In 2016 she presented the piece Birting, a choreography of colored lights.  Something Temporal premiered in 2017 in Smiðjan, in which she developed the choreography of colors in relation to the different ways in which time presents itself. She performed in A Guide to the Perfect Human in Tjarnarbíó, 2017.  Her installation A Discourse on Embodiment was shown at Choreo-Talks in Mengi at the Reykjavik Dance Festival in 2017. In the spring of 2019 she performed in Woman Landscape:Takeover in Tjarnarbíó. Litmynd was shown at Reykjavík's children's culture festival 2019. Her work is featured in a documentary by Niki Noves which premiers in 2019.  Her most recent work Ceremony 1 was exhibited in Gerðarsafn and Midpunkt in August 2019. In addition to her work as a choreographer and dancer, Sóley has been teaching ballet, choreography and dance history for the last few years.